Hi, my name is Sarah Welch. Wooden Spoon Editions is a collection of hand printed fine art prints and home goods. Each image is drawn, carved, and printed by hand from my home based studio in Minneapolis, MN. 

Instead of using a traditional press or baron, I use a wooden spoon to burnish the paper and create each print by hand. Each aspect of this business is run solely by me; I'm a one-woman-show :)

After graduating with a bachelors in art from Luther College in Decorah, IA, I was accepted into a post-baccalaureate program to study art history in Florence, Italy for one year. Living in a country where art is proudly displayed and artists are celebrated, it was the first time I considered the possibility of making a career as an artist. After returning home to Minnesota in 2008, I was met with the task of finding a job in a shrinking job market. With jobs in the art and art history fields dwindling and increasingly competitive, I turned to my art for a sense of purpose and comfort. Within several months, I had created a small body of work and decided to open an Etsy shop in August 2011. 

Driven by a love for the north woods, bike culture, travel, and exploring the outdoors; I aim to create a subtle reminder of life's happy moments, and to help keep those memories ever present.

With an admiration for the simpleness of Scandinavian design, I strive to incorporate a similar aesthetic within each of my prints.

When I'm not busy in the studio, I like to spend my time exploring outdoors, reading, gardening, and relaxing with my husband, daughter, and our dog.